Friday, September 09, 2005

Buttonhole Bag

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I decided I needed to felt something, and I loved this bag I kept seeing on everyone's blogs. I decided I'd make a bag to haul little knitting projects around in. I'm still at the point in my knitting adventure where some patterns baffle me..., and I was having trouble finding one I could understand and "see" in my head. I have to be able to see it in my head, or I don't know where I'm going..... so I just looked at a bunch of bags I liked and kind of made it up from there.

Yarn: Noro Kureyon, color #159 - wow, this is some beautiful stuff. Felts nicely, but doesn't really shrink. (get me, I actually swatched AND washed it up beforehand to see where I was going with this).

Yeppers, it's a nice bag, but too small for it's intended purpose. Okay, so I have a whole other skein in my stash I could have used, but I just got impatient and couldn't wait to see it done..... so it's smaller than I planned. But, it now goes to Bible Study with me every week and holds all my books for that perfectly... and all those ladies are non-knitters, so they are very impressed with my "skill."


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