Friday, September 09, 2005

One Skein Wonder

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Okay - we all make a OWS, don't we. I was tricked into making one, you know.... making it for the body I only have in my mind. As you'll notice, you don't see it modeled on me, do you? Oh, it fits alright.... but I'm 40-something.... do I really belong in this? Besides, there's the "tharms," you know like "cankles." Tharms are arms that are shaped more like thighs. Ok, when I lose those last 20 lbs and uncover the beautiful muscles I'm sculpting 3-4 days a week at the gym, but are covered with that layer of fat obscuring them..... then I'll post a new picture, but only then.... when I don't have tharms anymore.

Pattern: Glampyre, One Skein Wonder
Yarn: Cascade 220, 100% Peruvian Highland wool - another new fave.... Beautiful Stuff!

I could just give it to my ballerina niece, it looks like something a ballerina would wear to me.... or is that just copping out?


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